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Who doesn’t have a love-hate situation with Anthropologie…ugh this girl! I love Anthro, I hate how expensive they are. I will say I that I’ve been known to “splurge” once in a while on a favorite item or a “few” over the years, and everything I have purchased, whether it be clothes or home goods, I’ve been super happy with the quality. Since Anthropologie is expensive, I usually always ask for items for Christmas or a gift card. Below are some of my favorite things from Anthropologie right now. If I could buy them all I would…maybe!

Seasonal Gifts…someone please “give” to me…

Ok, so here we go…

  1. Leopard print, faux fur and pink? Heck yes! It’s like the designer was thinking of me when they made this gorgeous jacket!
  2. A pom pom wreath! Wooo, this is amazing! It reminds me of this weird Christmas candy land movie I watched when I was a kid. I’m so DIYing this wreath, stay tuned and I’ll get this one up on YouTube!
  3. I already have some stocking holders for my fire place mantle but I saw these whimsical rabbit ones and I just need to have them!
  4. This hat…the colors are perfect. Enough said.
  5. Another fabulous hat. Me likes…meow! :-)
  6. Crazy colorful rainbow tree ornaments…these are perfect for my boho tree!

Home Decor…if you’re like me and you love boho style, you may LOVE these items…

  1. I’ve been trying to find all antique lights for our house, however I’d consider this one or something like it for my bedroom. I love the gold and old look it has.
  2. This is another option that I love for my bedroom. Currently we have a lovely “boob light” which is probably from Lowes…the boob light has got to go!
  3. I saw this chair on Anthro a few months back and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’d love this for my living room. Too bad it’s $1,000. A girl can dream though can’t she?
  4. This wall hook is darling, it belongs in my kitchen as soon as I paint and update it (my kitchen that is).
  5. I NEED like, TWO these fabulous pillows! I’m obsessed, enough said.
  6. A fuzzy funky blanket? YES.

More Decor…

  1. I have a few glasses that look similar to these that I found at Goodwill, I’d love a few more similar glasses to round out my collection for a large dinner party. And… These are calling my name.
  2. A Mama who cooks everything from scratch needs a few aprons, I got my last one from Anthro and I love it…I could use a second one for when the one I have is dirty. This one is darling.
  3. My pie pan was gifted to a friend when I left it at her farm after a harvest party years ago. Every time I go to make a pie I realize, shoot I don’t have a pie pan…I need a new one. This one has all the right colors.
  4. We’ve had no “real” bedding since we moved two years ago and went from a queen bed to a king. Currently, I have $20 jersey sheets from Dirt Cheap on our bed and a duvet from Amazon with no duvet cover. I just haven’t found anything I’ve really loved until now. I fell in love with this quilt when I was at Anthro last time a few months back and it’s super super soft. I’d like to get this in either white or pink, and some pillow shams too. It would go great with…
  5. This duvet cover, ivory and stripes on the other side…once I get some real bedding on my bed then I’ll start shopping for a rug for my bedroom.
  6. Another cute pie pan, because you don’t need just one, but two, for uh, in case friends come over.

If your spouse loves Anthropology like I do, then take them to the store and try and get an idea of what they love….if you’re still clueless after…well get something little and pair it with a gift card. You can never go wrong with a gift card, then take her out on a date night and hit up Anthro after so she can use her gift card. She’ll love ya forever.

If you love/hate Anthro like me and it’s just not in your price point…check out the local antique shops and Goodwill after you’ve browsed the website for ideas. I’ve managed to find many awesome things for just a few bucks that totally “scream” I could be from Anthro!

What are some of your favorite items from Anthropologie this holiday season?