DIY Nourishing Lip Balm with Essential Oils


We go through chapstick or lip balm like water in this house. I blame my husband. He’s a lip balm monster. Organic toxin free lip balm isn’t cheap either, so I started making my own. Here is my tried and true recipe. It’s super easy, fun and you can make 20 for the price of 4…or something like that, I can’t do math, but you get my drift.

The main toxic offenders you want to avoid in your chapstick: BHT (linked to reproductive toxicity), Parabens (carcinogenic – cancer causing), propylene glycol (linked to cancer) , Petroleum, fragrances (hormone disruptor), chemical sunscreens (causes cancer and disrupts hormones). Instead of slapping your gorgeous red lips with cancer and hormonal disruptors, let’s nourish them with some amazing God given plant butters and oils.

My recipe:

Ingredients & supplies


This recipe makes 7-9 chapstick containers. I usually double the batch and make a whole bunch at once. Using various sizes of containers will render different amounts of final product.

Place your wax, butter, and oil in a double boiler and melt gently over a low-medium heat (or melt in a oven safe bowl at 200 degrees). Once it’s all melted, remove from heat, stir, let cool for 4 minutes or so,then add your essential oils. Pour immediately into your lip balm containers (this is the tricky part — I find using a dish that has a pouring lip is helpful). I’ve also found using lip balm pouring holder thingys help too. Allow to cool fully before placing the caps on the containers. Make some cute labels and boom boom you got a ton of lip balms.

Optional: Add some tint by adding in 1 tsp of Savvy Minerals mineral make up powder (any of the blush colors will be perfect!) Grab your non-toxic mineral make up here.

Other fun essential oil combos for lip balms:

  • grapefruit. tangerine & spearmint
  • Christmas Spirit essential oil blend & orange
  • lavender & spearmint
  • Thieves Essential oil (great for anyone who is prone to canker sores — apply to canker sore for relief & healing.)

Homemade lip balms make great little presents or stocking stuffers too! Enjoy!

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