DIY Essential Oil Play Dough – Sensory Play


Every kid LOVES play dough right? Its the perfect sensory play activity for little ones. Store bought play dough sadly doesn’t love them back. What do I mean by this? The store bought stuff is not the healthiest; it’s full of chemical dyes and sometimes even strange “fragrances” have been added.

Great news though, play dough is super easy to make and it’s cheap too. So you can make a healthier version right at home.

You can even add some fun colors by using natural food dye which can be purchased on Amazon here or at your natural health food store. This makes for a fun sensory activity for your kiddo. We LOVE adding essential oils as an extra bonus to our homemade play dough. Let your child pick the oil that is calling to them, have them smell a few and decide what they want to use. Add a few drops and mix in, it will calm them and help give them clarity and focus. Today Pepper picked Peace & Calming essential oil blend, which is a favorite. Pepper also picked a monster green for our play dough color today.

Play dough Recipe:

Mix all ingredients together, then warm over medium heat, stir often (be prepared for an arm work out) until the play dough is well cooked. Once cooled, separate out into 4 balls and add 4-5 drops oil of choice to each ball.

Enjoy & Have fun!

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